Advancing Environmental Management, Agricultural Practices, and Food Industries for Sustainable Development

In 2015, the global community decided to bring global development into a framework to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better and more sustainable future for all. This is true as the world faces many international issues, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. To achieve the relevant SDG’s goals, managing environment, agricultural practices, and food industries is essential. Efforts to ensure that management of these three critical aspects is implemented in an advanced manner are among the top requirements to achieve global sustainable development.

Advanced environmental management determines the environmental sustainability that all living creatures, including humankind, depend on. With the services offered by the environment, all living creatures are managed to live well. We believe that managing the environment in advance is not only an option for us but an obligation. Doing this can be translated as ensuring the survival of life on this planet.

We also believe that all forms of food production within the agricultural sector in the open field to its processes and servitude to the dining table within the food industry sector are demanding advancement. These two sectors are among the factors that massively impact the sustainability of the environment. Advancing agricultural practices and food industries would lead to a better environmental management, which can help us to achieve sustainable development.

This conference will discuss these three essential sectors under the theme “Advancing Environmental Management, Agricultural Practices, and Food Industries for Sustainable Development.” The world will see and learn from the most current findings and innovations presented and discussed at this Second International Conference on Agriculture, Food, and Environment. We hope this conference and the published papers under this conference become another milestone for the global effort to achieve the SDGs in 2030 and a better future for this planet.

Call for paper

The Organizing Committee invites academics, professionals, and practitioners from various disciplines and countries to share their latest ideas, theories, practices, and innovative technologies in Agriculture, Food, and Environment. To be part of this meeting, you will be provided with extensive opportunities to participate in professional and social endeavors and a strong opportunity to network.

We invite all participants to submit an abstract(s) and full paper(s). Abstracts (for oral or poster presentations) submitted to the committee will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Accepted abstracts will be announced to the corresponding authors. You have to follow the abstract and full paper submission guidelines described on the conference website ( The Scientific Committee will not process incomplete abstracts. The full paper will be peer-reviewed and published in Online Proceedings.

Regarding the theme, these are some scopes of our conferences:

  1. Agricultural Sciences and Engineering
  2. Soil and Water Management
  3. Food Science and Technology
  4. Agricultural Environment, Ecology and Resources
  5. Smart Technologies in Agricultural Systems


The conference will be held online through Zoom and streaming on YouTube.

Important dates


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